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About us...

Hello and welcome, my name is Tiffany Clements and I am the owner and designer for Woodland Ridge Design. I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. As a young girl growing up as the contractor's daughter, I have always been interested in how things were made, designing on my allowance budget, and had a passion for all things antique or rustic.


I met my wonderful husband and moved to Aztec, New Mexico. We have four beautiful boys and enjoy the outdoor activities that area provides.

As a passionate designer and visionary, (much to my husbands dismay at times) I always have the next project or design ready to be executed. I love to design and create many different types of things, a Jack of all trades one could say. With the help of my loving family, we have produced some really amazing things. 

So follow us on this amazing journey to see what we will create next!

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